T & G Auto Sales the Home of Guaranteed Credit Approval

Our History

T & G Auto Sales was founded in 1988 by Tom Sibley. Prior to this Tom was a general agent with Life Investors Insurance Company for the North Alabama territory. The insurance business was successful and because of its success it allowed Tom the financing and freedom to enter the car business. But why the car business?

Tom was concerned that he was building a large insurance business with no one to leave it to. His only son, Greg, was at this time in the auto parts business and had a passion for cars. He told Tom he would like to be in the car business. Tom started the business and after two years Greg joined him full time. Neither of them had any car lot experience which proved to be an asset.

Shortly after starting the business T & G Auto Sales brought Guaranteed Credit Approval to the Shoals area. This was real financing and not Buy here Pay here. They were able to put out a quality vehicle and have the customer's credit put into all the major credit bureaus by a national company. This not only provided the credit challenged customer a quality vehicle but also an opportunity to establish or reestablish their credit.

Guaranteed credit approval gave them a niche in the market. Today it is still an important part of the business as well as conventional financing.

T & G Auto Sales also sells vehicles for cash as well as handling all types of bank and credit union financing on location.